This clause introduces the parties to the agreement and the desired outcome of the agreement. It also contains a definition of all the specific terms used in the agreement. Terms such as beta-test, beta-feedback, etc., are explained in detail to specify what they refer to throughout the agreement. Here`s an example of Paragon software: When planning a beta test, a common error made by app developers should ignore the legality of the test. Just because the application is still in the pre-release phase doesn`t mean it`s normal to give up formalities. In fact, it is doubly important for a beta test specifically because it is not yet out of development and has not been released for the public. The assignment relates to the right of a party to delegate or delegate its responsibilities or obligations to other companies. Developers will want to prevent testers from assigning their obligations, as this is not necessary for beta testing. On the other hand, the developer must occasionally delegate some of his responsibilities to A Tiers. In this case, you should find that in this clause, the commitments that you can yield and if prior consent from the tester is required.

Here`s an example of Kidizen: as with any beta testing program, you`re asked to accept several conditions before you start testing materials. Don`t worry, we don`t ask for much! Here is a summary of the most important conditions you will accept: the scope of the agreement. Beta customers will be allowed to take advantage of this contract to test and provide information feedback and other feedback on PlanGrid on one or more proprietary hosted software applications, non-commercial, application platform interfaces, services, features and/or features related to the existing account, as described in more detail in the beta test order form (the “beta products”). This agreement applies to all beta products made available to PlanGrid`s beta client, including, but not exclusively, all beta products identified by PlanGrid as “beta” or a similar stage of development. PlanGrid reserves the exclusive and absolute discretion of the beta products made available to the Beta customer during their lifetime. While the beta customer is not obligated to use or activate beta products, the beta customer, if he chooses to do so, is subject to the terms of this agreement. The licensee is responsible for all costs and expenses related to the use of the beta product and the completion of all testing and evaluation activities. Others. This agreement does not create partnerships, agency relationships or joint ventures between the parties. Any assignment of this contract by the client, in whole or in part, without PlanGrid`s prior written consent, is null and void, with the exception of an assignment to a successor who is not a competitor to PlanGrid, which is related to a merger or sale of all or part of the client`s assets or shares or related entity.

If this agreement is translated into a language other than English, the translation is only for convenience and the English version is determined.