Add the code to your website just before the closing date . The code displays a floating banner at the bottom of the site, which informs the user that the site is using cookies and gives them a link to another site with more information about cookies. When the user clicks the “✖” button, the banner places a cookie that remembers that the banner has been confirmed to prevent the same user from being disturbed again. Please note that since the script is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is made available via Cloudflare for static content distribution, these companies will contract additional cookies that you need to know about and that will be included in your privacy policy. Click here for more information. Cookie-Script scans, categorizes and adds a description to all cookies on your website Add javascript code below and you`re good to go! Conditions you must accept before you can download the script: Now your website visitors can choose how to use cookies. Latest Updates – Bug Fixes: 25-05-2018: Active RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), please note that you are responsible for using and modifying the script in accordance with these Regulations. Depending on the situation, the standard script may not be sufficient to meet the requirements of the RGPD. The full cookie script manual is available here: Cookie Script Use Manual. Another jQuery is based on THE EU COOKIES NOTIFICATION PLUGIN to warn users of the use of cookies on your site.

The cookie script has been implemented on this site. You`ll find the full demo of the script here: Demo-cookie script. Cookie Script constantly updates our cookie alarm and privacy tools to reflect legislative changes. For more information on the most important updates, see our News section. PureCookie is a small JavaScript library that shows an elegant cookie consent file to ask the user to accept/refuse cookies. Enter a name for the script (i.e. Google Analytics), select the consent level of cookies (i.e. tracking) and copy and insert the script code. You`ll find all the cookie script updates below. If you want the latest version of the script, you can download the form below. A vanilla JavaScript library is a vanilla library that recognizes the language of the page and indicates a mention of the EU`s multilingual cookie law when loading the page. Example: The banner appears, as you can see in the custom demo.

Choose cookies that are strictly necessary (functional) for your site to function properly Do you want to change the placement or message of your cookie notification pop-ups? No problem. The cookie script offers a series of customization options that allow you to change the style and behavior of your pop-ups.