Enterprise Services. Subject to this agreement, Magic Leap (a) will provide the customer and its authorized users with access and use of enterprise solutions; (b) provide support services; (c) provide Business Services in physical compliance with the terms of this Contract and applicable documentation, (d) undertake economically reasonable efforts to provide the enterprise solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for scheduled maintenance or shutdowns or unavailability caused by circumstances beyond Magic Leap`s proper control (e.g. B downtime in case of emergency). , cases of force majeure and similar events) and (e) provide corporate services in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the provision of business services and the activities of Magic Leap. Magic Leap is responsible for the performance of its employees and contractors and their compliance with Magic Leap`s obligations under this agreement. Under this contract, Magic Leap may use contractors, service providers or unrelated agents to provide corporate services. 2.3. service data; Privacy. “Service data” is the data or content in electronic form that the customer puts, downloads or enters Enterprise Services, or that Magic Leap receives through or through Magic Leap`s corporate services. Magic Leap will make reasonable economic efforts to ensure appropriate administrative, physical and technical security measures for the protection of service data over the lifetime. Where service data is the personal data of users, each contracting party is an independent account of the service data it processes under this contract and responsible for compliance with applicable data protection legislation relating to the processing of that data. Magic Leap can process all service data it collects on the customer or its authorized users, including those that can be accessed through the use of Enterprise services or the Magic Leap platform by users, in accordance with Magic Leap`s privacy policy. The customer only processes the service data provided through corporate services in accordance with applicable legislation and provides all notices and consents required by existing legislation with respect to the processing of this service data.