My submission for a transaction agreement is attached below. By having your tenants sign this agreement, place the nail in the coffin of future lawsuits. Please have your lawyer checked before using it. This single form allowed us to make valid deductions and fees (which save us tens of thousands of dollars in damage costs over the years) deposits without the slightest anger from tenants. A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement between a tenant and a lessor, by which they acknowledge the conclusion of the rental agreement concluded between them. It is also specified whether the conditions of their previous lease have been respected. Exclude ordinary wear and tear and is capable of each is this type of agreement between the goods you have ever been in the unpleasant position of meeting the tenant for a walk, and the tenant expects all his safety if the tenant is a slut and has done great damage? Do you tell them they are sluts? Many landlords are happy to see only that tenants are leaving so they can tidy up the property and get better tenants next time. How many times do you get disappointed with this meeting? Understands that the presence of livable conditions as their proofs and can rent the agreement between tenants owners in secular conditions, neither the owner nor the tenant can change their mind about the counting of the window. The landlord cannot sue the tenant on the additional 100 $US, and the tenant cannot sue the landlord on the 200 $US that have been held on the deposit.