Collective Agreement (pdf)See also: | Wage Tables | website BCGEU Sun Life Booklet (pdf) | Main | Page Benefits Advanced Health Services Employees working on the Point Grey Campus as trades, hotels and restaurants, technicians and research assistants, as well as in a wide range of positions covered by Schedule A. CUPE 116`s CUPE 116 agreement, also represents Aquatic Centre staff under a separate collective agreement. Starting wages are mandatory in collective agreements and described in the salary schedules published in this section for UBC worker groups that have negotiated wage ranges. CUPE 116 collective agreement | Aquatic Centre Collective Agreement A staff member requesting the reclassification of his position initiates the reclassification process by forwarding to his direct supervisor a request for a classification check, an updated position sheet (available from position management or human resources) and a new job description (with “track changes”) using the job description model. The employee and the line manager must discuss the employee classification requirement and reach agreement on the content of the employee`s job description, providing the sick employee with a copy of the final job description. . The university is the initiator of new job descriptions. Open the following sections for links to PDFs for payroll tables that are specific to employee groups. .

. . If the dots are added up for each factor, they fall inside a band, and that is where the classification is determined. Domains vary and there may be a difference of up to 90 points before reaching the next classification. Because many teachers and staff work from home, it may be more difficult to detect signs of physical or mental fatigue in our colleagues. Here are some scenarios that may occur among you or your colleagues and ways to get help. In the event that a reclassification is not permitted at the first filing, but is then approved either by the JJEAP or as part of the appeal procedure, the effective date of this reclassification is the date on which the “classification verification request” form was signed and forwarded by the staff member to his master. Human Resources reserves the right to classify auxiliary work. If an auxiliary work becomes more regular, the order is evaluated by the JJEC.

The job evaluation process is called job evaluation and is designed to determine the relative value of each job on UBC`s Okanagan campus. Each of the 10 compensable control factors used in the employment evaluation plan can be divided into a number of degrees and a points value is assigned for each degree. If the appeal contains new information, it is not considered and the request for reclassification will have to wait 15 months before the JJEC re-examines it. If more than one established incumbent performs the same tasks in the same area, a document and job description are submitted for the group. For example, two or more department officials doing the same work may only have to submit one set of documents. The Joint Employment Assessment Body (JJEAP) consists of a member of the EU-appointed JJEC and a member of the JJEC appointed by the university. Its mission is to verify the remedies of the JJEC decision. This message is shared on behalf of Samantha McLaughlin, Director of HCM Transformation, IRP, and Lani McGill, Business Lead, HR Foundations IRP, for HR network members. If a staff member disagrees with the JJEC decision, the worker has the right to contact JJEAP. The worker must complain within ten working days of receiving the written notification of the decision. If the position is reclassified to the next level, the effective date of the increase will be retroactive to the date the employee signs and submits the “classification check” form to his or her line manager.

The information contained in the “Classification/Reclassification” complaint form should clarify the existing information