For example, Mustaqim mentions the code of conduct or conduct that applies in a company. This code of conduct is also under micro-conditions that are of a particular nature, because not all companies have it. At the legal conference, Mandiri Bank repeatedly stated, on the basis of the provisions of the PKB, that in the event of a dispute between workers and management, these are resolved by existing rules. He only interpreted the term “rules applicable” until The PPHI Act 2 and the Labour Act. If it refers to the law, then dispute resolution can only be achieved through two-party mechanisms, strikes, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and or leading to PHI. Viddi did not remain silent to hear Mandiri Bank`s argument. He said that he and Budi and some of his colleagues were a team of pkb advisers. In addition, several agreements were indeed reached during the PKB negotiations. The agreement between SPBM and management was poured into the PKB, and some were elsewhere. The agreement, which is not included in the PKB, we wrote in the gentlemen`s agreement, which is also written, said Viddi. The “gentleman” agreement proposes four points for the revision of the KPK law. The first official meeting of BPUPKI, from May 29 to June 1, 1945.

In the gentlemen`s agreement, viddi said, mentioned spbm`s efforts to fight for his rights. SPBM is authorized to carry out strikes and other efforts that are not contrary to the law. Well, this provision is only in the gentlemen`s agreement, not in the PKB. At the time, management argued that the problem of strikes and other efforts was already resolved by law, so there was no need to be included in the PKB. We were biased at the time and we were following the will of the management, Viddi told me. Now I`m focusing on the auto industry; And I have three examples of gentlemen`s agreements that have already been and have been concluded. At last Tuesday`s hearing (2/9), Budi`s lawyer, Mirisnu Viddiana, was presented as a witness. During the trial, Viddi – as Mirisnu Viddiana was called – said that the choice of protests to claim welfare was made after the approval of the SPBM board of directors. If the board does not allow it, the gathering will not take place. This is not the influence of Budi`s brother. “I alone cannot decide without the agreement of the board of directors, let alone Budi`s brother,” Viddi said. If you want to be done negatively, it can also be called Kongkalingkong Office.

#ehAhh, please. Don`t you want to talk about Drama Sinetron Reality Show at the Senayan, which looks like the burgeoning Turkish soap operas. The Mandiri bank itself does not seem to care who can make decisions within the SPBM. No members of the Board of Directors have been subject to similar sanctions. This state-owned bank only regrets the form of the SPBM`s choice of action in the acquis of its rights. Mustaqim`s fears of not pouring micro-conditions into a single document were raised in the case of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk against Budi Priyanggodo before the Jakarta Industrial Relations Court (PHI). Gentleman`s Agreement is a 1947 American feature film based on the novel of the same name by Laura Z.